College Course Assistance

NYC Tutoring offers the most comprehensive private academic tutoring program available. Our tutors emphasize the importance of conceptual understanding as well as practical application in developing a student’s skills for success, inside and outside of the classroom. They are trained to recognize each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses, maximizing their potential, and identifying areas of possible improvement. Our students have proven over time to develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed, raising test scores and grades.

We cover a broad range of courses including all levels of college mathematics, science, economics, history, English, music, arts, graphic and industrial design, architecture, psychology, and more. Biology, physics, astronomy, geology, philosophy- we have tutors who are proficient in most all subject areas.

Our Academic Tutoring program offers:

  • Customized lesson plans to meet your specific needs
  •  Private, one-on-one attention
  •  Lesson packages offering discounted rates, in the comfort of your home or office
  • Online communication with your tutor at no extra charge