NYC Tutoring offers a wide range of options to suit every need.

Our rates are competitive, and come with our service promise: that your student will absorb difficult concepts, achieve higher test scores, and receive better grades within a few weeks of regular tutoring sessions.

In addition, we guarantee that we’ll be on time, prepared, and efficient.

We’ve worked with a wide range of budgets, but strive to offer the best tutors in the region, including those with perfect test scores, post-graduate educations and Ivy League degrees. For many tutors, this is an occupation, and requires training and regular coursework.

Our basic tutoring rates start at $100/hour.


Test and exam preparation often requires special materials, so rates are adjusted:

PSAT / Hunter / ISEE / NYC DOE – $85 – $100 / hour

SAT / SAT II / ACT / Iowa Basics / AP Exams - $110 – $125 / hour

GMAT / GRE / LSAT / MCAT – $135 – $150 / hour


Packages are available for those who wish to commit to a longer term:

Three hours – $5 off, per hour ($15 savings)

Five hours – $10 off, per hour ($50 savings)

Ten hours – $15 off, per hour ($150 savings)

Additional options are available as well!