Why Us

NYC Tutoring offers superior service, experienced tutors, and a proven track record of excellence. We invite you to compare us with any other agency in the region- our rates are competitive, and we promise that the process will be simple and fun.

Below are some of the great things our clients have said about us, some details on the competition, and our rates.


“NYC Tutoring helped my child move from a C in Calculus to an A in just a few months. Highly recommended!”

-Morgan F, a satisfied parent

“Kira was amazing! She is always on time, always prepared, and makes the lessons fun for Matt.”

-Janet L, happy client

“A++ Will use again. Boosted my SAT score by over 100 points and helped me so much with my applications and admissions.”

-Andrew J, now a student at an Ivy League university

“Well worth it. Greg was a pleasure to work with.”

-Thomas M, law student


With decades of combined experience, our tutors know how to make each session count. We don’t blame you for looking around- we encourage it!

Here are some reason why you should choose us.


Other Private Tutors               
Tutoring “Mills” (e.g. Kaplan)
NYC Tutoring
No guarantees Require re-taking courses Customer service guarantee
Often distracted, unprofessional Large classes, no individualization Personalized lessons, one on one
Unreliable, inconsistent Teachers often have poor test scores Top-performing tutors – great scores & degrees
Awkward, in-person payments Package deals, sometimes $2000+ Pay-per-lesson options
Cash only, unclear expectations Impersonal transactions Major credit cards accepted, payment plans
Might disappear or have conflicts       Teachers unavailable outside of classes Tutors available via e-mail for questions
No recourse in case of issues Hidden fees- materials, upselling No hidden fees or charges, ever
Lack of materials Cramped classrooms Convenient, at-your-door tutoring, library of materials